Educational Research and Measurement

Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Research and Measurement

Details about the program:

  • Time to Completion: 30 Credits
  • Full or Part-time Completion Options
  • Asynchronous Class Instruction
  • 100% Online

The online master’s degree in educational research and measurement at The University of Toledo prepares students with research and analytical skills to solve problems in multiple settings, including P-12 education, higher education, business, consumer research, public health, counseling, and pharmacy education.

Students learn assessment, research, and measurement skills to make data-informed decisions. Students will also take part in the completion of an internship, research-based project, portfolio, or thesis depending on interests.

Students will also develop a deep understanding of the foundations of research and acquire competencies in:

      • Design and interpretation of applied research.
      • Execution of quantitative and qualitative research studies.
      • Multidisciplinary program evaluation.
      • Development of meaningful measurements and assessments.
      • Data management.
      • Statistical analyses for different types of data.
      • Conducting research in relevant classroom experiences.
      • Collaborating with researchers from multidisciplinary research teams.
      • Participating in research internships in multidisciplinary settings.

Admission Requirements


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