Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Certificate

Details about the program:

  • Time to Completion: 4 Courses/12 Credits
  • Full or Part-time Completion Options
  • Asynchronous Class Instruction
  • 100% Online

The online materials science and engineering graduate certificate at The University of Toledo is designed to support engineers and physical scientists who are interested in materials development, performance, and applications.

Material science is an interdisciplinary area of study and research that supports many engineering disciplines, as well as chemistry and physics.

The certificate will allow students to learn advanced materials science and engineering in related fields such as metals, ceramics, electronic materials, and polymers. Understanding materials properties and behaviors from the molecular level to the manufacturing scale provide a strong basis for materials selection, development, and advancement of specialized manufacturing methods.

Mini-projects integrated into the courses provide hands-on experience on material applications. Students will develop and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data, and make decisions for material selection and development for advanced technologies, such as nanotechnology, micro-machines, and additive manufacturing.

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