What are the Admission Requirements the Master of Science (M.S.) in Cosmetic Science and Formulation Design degree?

The application for admission will not be considered until the following materials have been received:

      • Degree: Must hold a bachelor's degree. Must have completed General Chemistry I and General Chemistry II (if taken at UToledo) or equivalent if transferred in, no lab required.
      • GPA: Must have at least a 2.70 undergraduate grade point average
      • Application: UToledo application required
      • Transcripts: Required
      • Resume or CV: Required

What is the Master of Science (M.S.) in Cosmetic Science and Formulation Design degree?

Cosmetic science is an applied, interdisciplinary science, which is reflected in our comprehensive curriculum. Our master of science in cosmetic science is a science degree where you learn about cosmetic ingredients, makeup and personal care products, basic and advanced formulation techniques, active delivery methods, U.S. and global regulations, trends, skin microbiome and sustainable product development. You have to complete a cosmetic science project that is an independent research project requiring you to synthesize your knowledge gained in previous coursework and create potential solutions for a real-life concept or problem in the cosmetics industry.

Who should enroll in UToledo’s M.S. in Cosmetic Science and Formulation Design degree program?

Our M.S. degree is targeted at working professionals looking to advance their career. The degree offers you flexibility, affordability, work-life balance and the ability to customize the completion time of your degree to best suit your lifestyle.

What type of career advising support is available?

UToledo offers extensive career resources and appointment availability through its main campus career services team. Virtual appointment options, workshops and University job boards are available through UToledo Career Services.

In addition, the cosmetic science program within the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has Blackboard, a learning management system, online forum where career opportunities are updated and posted in real time, and a LinkedIn closed group for our students, faculty and staff to share career opportunities, as well as share valuable LinkedIn Learning career preparation or other applicable learning sessions, when applicable.

Virtual workshops will be offered each semester (three workshops a year) with focus on career application preparation with tips specific to obtaining employment in the cosmetic science industry. In addition, all students are invited to come to campus for career launch day each fall to meet with or even interview with prospective employers and network.

Students are also encouraged to become members of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) for additional networking opportunities. Additionally, our students will have access to an extensive list of companies to use as starting points for networking.

Are teaching assistantships available?

No, since it is an online program.

Are scholarships available?

While assistantships are not available for this online program, you’re welcome to review additional resources through Financial Aid. Eligibility and requirements will vary between scholarships/programs.

Is The Program full-time or part-time?

      • Our M.S. in cosmetic science and formulation design degree is designed to be completed part-time and fully online.
      • Our graduate certificate is a 12-credit program that can feed into the full M.S. degree if the student decides to continue their education.
      • We also have a 4+1 option available for students who are enrolled into our undergraduate program. With this option, the graduation time can be decreased to 1 year.

Can I work a full-time job at the same time?

Yes, the program is designed to be doable with a full-time job.

Are classes held synchronously or asynchronously? 

Our classes and assessments, including exams and assignments, are completely asynchronous so you can flex them around your schedule as needed.

What does it mean that the classes are asynchronous?

Asynchronous classes are flexible and allow you to listen to the instructional materials in your schedule. Instead of attending classes live on a given day and time, you will have a week to listen to the given module’s instructional materials, complete all learning activities, engage in our cosmetic science community, and reach out to your instructor with any questions you may have.

Do I need to log in on a certain day or time to take classes?

No, you do not. Classes are asynchronous. You have flexibility withing the modules of each course to listen to the instructional materials and complete the learning activities. To enhance your experience and learning, many of our instructors offer online office hours to answer your questions.

Are there other costs to consider?

There are no required textbooks for the courses, all material needed to complete the courses will be made available to the students via Blackboard once enrolled and classes are started.

Is there any tuition reimbursement available for those enrolled in the bachelor’s program at UToledo?

Not through UToledo, but possibly through an employer’s tuition reimbursement policy. Additionally, completing the 4+1 B.S.P.S. + M.S. degrees together can save you time which also saves money and gets you into the workforce more quickly.

What is the cost per credit, including any additional fees?

You can view cost and fees by visiting the UToledo Treasurer's Office

What is the program curriculum? How long does it take to complete?

The M.S. online degree is 30 credit hours and if students take 2 courses each semester, it takes 5 semesters to complete the degree.

Is there an in person/hybrid option? What if you apply enroll as one option but later decide you want to switch to the other option?

Our M.S. cosmetic ccience and formulation design degree is fully online, however, our B.S.P.S. degree is in person if you would like to pursue the combination of degrees! The master’s portion will still be online.

What is the benefit of doing the 4+1, both the B.S.P.S. and M.S. degrees at UToledo?

Students who complete the 4+1 B.S.P.S. & M.S. cosmetic science degrees at UToledo save both time and money! Completing these degrees sequentially can save two semesters of tuition and time to graduation. Our B.S.P.S. program will equip you with both hands-on lab skills and internship experience to take your master’s level course information to the next level!

Are there any internship/externship requirements?

No, internships or externships are not required for graduation. These experiences can make students more marketable and are encouraged but are not required as part of the master's program.

Are there any courses I should take to be well prepared for the M.S. courses in your program if I don’t have an undergrad degree in cosmetic science?

Pharmaceutics and colloid chemistry courses can be helpful, but you will be taught all the principles and concepts you need to understand in our courses.

Will I need to be on campus in Toledo at any point during the program?

Not for classes. But yes, for graduation, if you choose to do so. UToledo’s M.S. in cosmetic science and formulation design program is fully online and does not require you to come to campus.

What learning management system (LMS) is used for the M.S. in Cosmetic Science and Formulation Design degree course delivery?

Courses in our M.S. degree will use Blackboard Ultra.

Does the Master of Science degree require a thesis?

The MS in cosmetic science and formulation design does not require a formal thesis. However, all students are required to complete a cosmetic science project that includes a write-up.

Can I take semesters off?

We have a leave of absence policy at the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences that may allow you to break up your academic degree completion.